The Schemaverse is a space-based strategy game implemented entirely within a PostgreSQL database. Compete against other players using raw SQL commands to command your fleet. Or, if your PL/pgSQL-foo is strong, wield it to write AI and have your fleet command itself!

Come to #Schemaverse on if you are looking for some help or friendly banter.

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Round Details

Current Tic: 276
Last Tic Duration: 17:35
Current Tic Duration: 03:16

Current Server Time: 13:22:10


PlayerNet WorthFleet SizeConquered Planets
1 mrglass480670831000
2 derpfish135340945700
3 blackcathacker133739905900
4 brimstone2700685100
5 twistermagic1809034500
6 mikework1462687900
7 nullsplat31479700
8 b11000000
9 dayton11000000
10 zipfelklatscher11000000
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Last Round Standings

1 mrglass250
2 blackcathacker-50
3 derpfish-350
4 mikework-450
5 brimstone-550
6 gurke-850
7 nullsplat-850
8Ѫ yolo-1050
9 xmonad-1050
10 kwksilver-1050
Championship Fund: 1B5MeKpzXybQ2dVHNhthwSofTpY8W6bK4W